Calling all Marvel and DC Comic lovers. Anyone love a super hero? particularly the dark witty kind? …Check out The Umbrella Academy.

May I highly recommend the new superhero series on Netflix

 The Umbrella Academy. 

Written and created by Gerard way with illustrations by Gabriel Ba, for Dark Horse Comics.

It Has all the lovely juicy darkness of DC comics, Only a more updated and fun, with non of the dourness.

Plus heroes that have even more flaws than their Marvel counterparts. Which to me makes them so much more appealing.

Perhaps a tiny bit less of an obvious humour than marvel  but just as witty, only of the darker persuasion.

I absolutely LOVED It. It’s almost gothic it is so perfectly imperfect. Twisted and surprisingly full of the gritty everyday relatable reality of a properly dysfunctional family.

Real Apart from the super powers of course.

Look out for some fine acting, in particular I should mention “number 5” but …. though i will say more, so I wont give anything away.

With a truly rocking kick ass performance by Mary J Blige. Yes I did say Mary j.  I did have to do a few double takes to be sure.

When I say kick ass, I do mean it, she kicks some serious butt.

Having  grown up in Disney fantasy filled world, I am relieved now that the fake warm glow of perfection has dropped its veil from hollywood and that now we get to see real people ; ) ….especially when the have powers.

Big Love to all x

Anyone need your Chakras tuned? In 7 minutes? I know i do…

This is a great little listen for when I don’t have long, I use this to tune In and turn up my vibrations. As I often need to.

I Just Love the deep sounds, they resonate so beautifully that they seem to go right through me, like I am a tuning fork.

It always amazes me the affect and power of sound has.


Also I just want to thank every one of you for being so very welcoming and kind on this my baby beginning steps into blogging.

I am so so grateful 💜🙏💜 and feeling blessed. Thank you all.x


And apologies eventually I will sort out all my settings and pages and layouts and the rest. Thanks too for your patience. Soon we will have the playlist on Spotify, accounts actually linked and pages actually done right. 😂 Yay!