If not now…

Every breath and each new day
Every new experience, even in odd ways.

A blessing and gift to relish
With our loved ones we best cherish.

Another dawn to share with them
If we don’t tell them now, then when?

Lest we forget, sadly how few we get.
Drink that wine and get those feet wet.

beloved showed heart and the petty left behind.
The key to life is to be grateful, genuine and kind.

Becoming Supernatural, by Dr Joe DeSpenza

I have just finished this brilliant book. I knew nothing about this man before this book, but I am so glad that I found him. This for me is the perfect book to explain the spiritual scientifically as a kind of link between the two.

For all those who don’t know what I mean by the vibration of all things, this will clear it all up and a load more. So brilliantly explained that anyone would be hard pushed not to understand it all. There are even also some fabulous diagrams to help, which a very helpful and informative. I learnt so much.

Weirdly, but not unsurprisingly, that it is all the things the more sensitive amongst us always felt in their gut. Though we often had insufficient information to explain the how, what or why of it all. We just felt it. Right?

This Kind of explains it all. From the intuitive feelings or vibes that you get around certain people or situations that make you joyous or even uneasy. This book shows how many of those formerly intangible, undefinable things make sense.

We we’re all right By the way ! We can really feel it and it does genuinely make a difference to us. Some more than others. Just because we can’t see it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t count. We don’t feel gravity nor the spinning of the world unless you zoom out and look a things on a vast scale. This is no different. Only by looking at things at that scale does it start to make sense and the picture becomes clearer.

This book does both the micro and the macro view, so both are considered, which I think is key in understanding the forces they can create.

I absolutely love it when when he starts describing all this on a quantum level too. When I start to think about how we are all made up of exactly the same matter as the rest of the universe. With concepts that are almost too big to comprehend with our human brains, It blows my mind and I LOVE that.

We are all made up of atoms and all atoms are the atoms they always were. They just are, aren’t they. But more mind blowing than that. Is that in reality that we are mostly made up of the space between all those atoms. More space than matter… to paraphrase this book.

If we Imagine the proton or electron in any atom, which is the tiny centre. Usually depicted as the dote in the centre of the atom. the atom is 60,000 k in size then the centre proton would be the equivalent of trying to find an orange in those 60,000k

See what I mean… mind blown.

So the idea of some energy being carried or held in that space between all things, is completely understandable and feasible even, isn’t it?

If splitting an atom can create such vast energy and such havoc. How could there not be an energy to all things. We really have no idea how much of a key role all this has nor what a built up of this energy has on us and I find it all absolutely fascinating.

This is what makes us truly supernatural. Some of the real magic in this incredible world.

WONDERFUL WORDS OF THE DAY My LOVE of Words, a fickle mistress for a dyslexic.

I love them, but that doesn’t mean I can spell them ; )

Even the made up ones….

Flawesome is an awesome word. Apperently coined by The super model Tyra Banks.

I think we are all naturally Flawesome don’t you? AWSOME in or perfect imperfection. I just wish we all felt that way about ourselves.

To Fall in love with yourself, is the greatest and most important love affair you will ever have. One that we should nurture everyday.

Make yourself the best partner, lover, coach, compadre and friend that you have ever had. You know..the way you treat others, perhaps?

Instead “TREAT YO’SELF” (for all those who watch AMY PULLER’S. Hilarious Parks and recreations. If you haven’t it is brilliant and on Prime now if you have it.)

That way you are always in love, always cared for and loved. Forever sparkling and permenantly joyous. Whether you are with someone or not, you are forever loved.

You cannot buy that kind of good energy or be in a better vibration to attract the same. Love will come to you then, in all it’s forms. Like a huge vibrating electro magnet drawing the same positive energy to you.

Then when you feel that way about yourself, how could others not follow. Surely?! Lol

‘Cos we definitely don’t want to feel this way about ourselves do we. It is unrelentingly exhausting, trust me and gets you no where good fast.

It is so unconstuctive forever searching for a goal and inevitably failing beacause it doesn’t exist. It will only lead to making us feel inadequate or like failures.

Which is just not true. We learn from it all, so how can it ever be seen as a failure. We are just all doing our best at the time.

A feeling and vibration of lack, is never a good thing. Nor will it EVER help you in any way.

It is neither creative nor constructive and therefore does not promote personal growth.

So now whatever doesn’t serve me has to be left behind, surely?

As Einstein says… “the definition of madness is doing the same thing again and again expecting a different result.”

I Love this word, Twitterpated… it even sounds great. Anyone who has ever fallen in love knows what fools it can make of us.

I used to say to friends that love can turn you into an idiot at times. We’ll that it has turned me into one at least. Making choices that any sane brain would know better. This is a genuinely so much cuter… it turns you into a twit : )

As though small songbirds have taken you over from within and filled your heart to brimming point, until you can almost see the birds twittering about behind the eyes. That delicious glazed love goggle googlie rose tinted sparkly eyes in love.

I can relate to this. X

Logolepsy is not as it perhaps sounds. A person who has a fit everytime they see a logo.

Lepsy from the Ancient Greek word lepsis meaning seizure and logo also from the Greek word Logos which means word or speech.

Simples… Lol

Love, love, love to you all.xxx

GnOM ! Monday Meditation With Wayne Dyer.

Let’s start the week with a wonderful little guided meditation From the Blessing that is Wayne Dyer.