Let’s all go Brazillian today ; )

Beautiful, beautiful Brazil..


Starting slow and kinda sixties feeling for the first two..or is it just me?

Then gently warming up with the next two, rolling along with the incredible ease and combination of rhythms. Where Africa meets Latin music, glorious ! Sadly not for the right reasons granted, but the combination musically is irresistible to me.

Then the last two are a bit more full energy and gorgeous, I hope you like them all. The heart passion and pain natural way they play and sing. As though they are pouring out there heart and opening their soul for us to see.

Or maybe that’s just the latin in me. ; )

So here as a little mini playlist that I will keep adding to our first month playlist till the end of the month.

Have a Fantastic day and thank you all so much for the shares, kind comments and likes.

I am feeling so grateful.


Unfortunately my site customiser is down so I’ve been unable to add a music player to the site, yet, or fix any of my links, but I am on it ; )

i am aware that none of them work… OOPs !