Love this… Mental note to self, PLEASE remember this for when you actually could use it and not hours later in bed going over what you should have said ; )

Although I am planning to use it more for comedy with mates perhaps.

Those other occasions I have learnt to stay silent mostly, but that does not mean I can’t make myself laugh, in my own head.

Let me count the ways I LOVE Vic Reeves. To quote Monty Python… Aaaa lot !!

For this alone is enough to love him. He is a comedy genius. X

I am not forgetting the Fab Bob Mortimer too in this. Just not on this, and not today.

So nice to see too that I am not the only one who can play for hours with, in, on, or create with a box or four.

From full size playhouses to slides from castles on the sofa. I’ve done them all, and loved making everyone.

As I reeled from the blow, steadying myself rubbing a bloody head whilst they were all still counting !

In fact the only time I have ever cracked my head open, was the great hide and seek inside the of 2015. When I was rushing to climb into a castle box whilst wearing flared jeans. I don’t suggest it. Followed by a slow mo fall backwards into a wall, lol. Oops 😜

seven, eight, nine, ten….coming ready or not!

I was so not 😂

lesson learnt, so NO hide and seek in boxes and flares…tick.

One of my favourites if all our creations though was using an American fridge box, which are enormous so you feel you have to do that much cardboard justice and not waste it. Honour the wood.

So we coverered the whole sofa, cut windows at face height and then lived like that for a good few days/week.

We ate our meals, watched telly, chatted, played, and read etc all from the sofa box. Or as it was called sofhouse.

It is obviously catching or perhaps hereditary because all my son has to do is see a box and he has to find a way of wearing it immediately.

When I see a box I just think, what fun can we have with that today?

He is 13 but regularly still hides in or wears a box or 2 to surprise/welcome his mates when they come over. Lol

I Love him so much, again for this one thing alone. X