This is quite incredible, so I had to share.

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This may be the place.

Even looking at a photo of this view brings me calm and joy.

Can you imagine what it WILL be like actually living it.

That view alone is a masterpiece, let alone the sunsets and sunrise glory you could see from there.

Ooo and even the storms

Or listening to Talking Heads….

Or just the rain….Mmmmmm


So please universe, when the time is just right. This is what I would love.

Thank you, so very much ; ) xxx

Pomegranate love…

One of my absolute favourite fruits. So good for you and full of antioxidants, if they really exist? I Don’t know about you, but I am trying to eat more of them.

Although I can only think of a few fruits on the entire planet, that I don’t love. This is definitely near the top, of my top 10 and yes, sadly I have thought about it.

Realistically I would need to live in Asia to be able to grow and pick all the fruits I love best.

I remember from childhood so much Art laden with bursting pomegranates. Always looking like the richest most generous bounties of all the fruits.

The pomegranate was used in art as a symbol of fertility, desire and abundance understandably, but also resurrection and immortality, inspired by the mythological story of Persephone and Hades.

It has always stuck me as such a glamorous fruit. With an incredible balance of both organic and geometric lines. Another genius and breathtaking work of structure and design.

Word of warning though, speaking as one shopping in Europe. If you want to eat them, namely they be sweet enough to eat and not juice, I recommend the smaller Spanish type or the lighter fruit and skinned ones. They may not look all that, but they really are the best to eat.

Conversely the giant Iranian and Middle Eastern ones that look the most beautiful and the ripest, with its exquisitely deep dark fruit and often even a delicate pinkish blush to the skin. Are in fact really, really sour. Which is great for juices and must have way less fructose which has got to be a good thing. Also perhaps because of such a darker colour fruit maybe even more nutritiously beneficial I’m guessing, from what she know now about dark fruits and vegetables. Any nutritionists out there know if this is the case here too?

Though they are also really hard to eat without, at least minimal contorted sour face and I love sour. Not only that but also they have giant seeds which are way to big to crunch, and realistically who is going to want to eat a fruit with seeds that size, seed by seed?

Odly some of the Spanish ones that don’t even look ripe enough, having barely attained any blush yet, are already the sweetest and most delicious. Their smaller seeds also means that whole handfuls can then be poured into your mouth at once. Or used in cooking as I do and put into a fabulous winter fruit salad with a load of cinnamon. MmmmmmYum. Well if you like cinnamon that is.

What are they like in the rest of the world?

You can really see where the Angry Birds came from.

One would have to have quite an imagination to be able to create such characters. Something nature does with ease.

Flower and Fruit Food Art. X

I love this, it is so simple, so effective and so fast. Is it that easy to make a spectacular cake…..Fruit and flowers ? I am beginning to think so. Much healthier than a mountain of icing. X

Silent Sunday- ish. A great one to work or even meditate to. X

Mmmmmmmmmm that’s all I have to say about this….

Lets just take all this in today, and breathe. X

This works everytime for me. If you get a chance to listen to it in the sun, even better. You can really feel like you are there.

Don’t forget that the mind often can’t tell the difference between a real experience and an imagined one.

That is why in sports the players now use this mental imagery to visualise the shot, the win etc with amazing effectiveness.

So surely this must be the same. Even if you only drift off for a quick 5 or 10 minutes on the beach. It is still 5 or 10 minutes, of properly appreciating and enjoying the experience, on a beach and you can go whenever I feel like it.

How great is that.

Listen to the waves and breathe. This is often all I need to centre myself again.

There is something quite primal about it. Another way to connect with the planet, yourself and everything really.

It almost washes right through me, rather than just over me. As though it washes away all other vibrations.

No matter how tight or stressy or tightly wound I feel going in. It always seems to find a way of slowly lapping away at it all. Patiently massaging the vibe until eventually it gets you back to breathing in sync. With them, yourself and the universe.

Where all is, yet again, possible.

By then I am home and back to being me.

The real me. The little me I was before life kicked in.

My essential me.

I do love her. She is so much more fun and never wastes time on any future past. She is always here, always happy and always ready for anything.

Worth taking the time to get back to the real you, don’t you think?

The one that doesn’t lose it with bad drivers ( even if only in her head now, @progress) or even just reacts in ways that later we know aren’t really us.

Worth a think about ?

Enjoy 🌊🌊🌊🌊