Keep going 1, Double Playlist.

Life lesson 2, Keep going, This too will pass.

For all those going through hard times, keep going. Just remember, this too shall pass.

Like dark clouds in the sky, they won’t be there for ever.

Brighter skies will come, even if it takes a while, I promise.

Nothing stays the same.

Change is ironically perhaps life’s one true constant.

Head up, Keep strong, kind and most importantly keep love in your heart. Especially for yourself.

You are not alone.

Keep the faith, Because there is such beauty and blessings all around even in the dark corners of disasters.

Love and Light to all of you beautiful lot.

Here is a double length playlist to say thank you for all your kind comments, patience and amazing response. I am always touched and thrilled to hear from you.

Have a friggin awesome day, even if you have to be the one to make it so come hell or high water.

; )

Try and give them all a go, even the ones that may not sound like “your kinda thang”

Or in fact those that I don’t even have a clue what they are about. All you have to do is give them a chance and then feel it.

Feel what I felt.

The glorious, Ya Sidi, with the most exquisite building crescendo of passion, that so does it for me.

Anyone speak Arabic? I would love to know what she is singing about with all that heart.

Also the divine emotion of DeVotchKa, I am so happy to have just found.

Starting slow and sleek, but rising from the ashes on a high with some of my favourite uplifting songs that always seem to works on me.

Plus everything in between in a right good old mix today.


Enjoy the journey. X

Love is love, who ever you are.

The shapes they create are just beautiful.

For me this is the only way animals should be.


No Cages, no Zoos, no Sea parks, just NO !

I don’t really know how they are still going?

Wildlife sanctuaries, yes great. Help them, heal them, yes that’s fantastic, I am completely on board.

But to keep them in cages, or even as exotic pets, locked up, swimming or pacing around the same small enclosure for life ? Unable to fly away, just used for our occasional viewing pleasure?

That’s not right.

Just no, it feels wrong.

No dolphin or whale should be captured and kept, no bird caged or grounded for our amusement, or in our names. Not in mine, please anyway.

What are we victorians? Haven’t we moved on by now?

For anyone who has had the absolute honour of seeing these kind of animals in nature, where they should be, knows that they are not the same animals that you see in captivity. With their eyes so wild, bright and alive. It is absolutely thrilling and a blessing.

I can barely bring myself to look at their caged brothers and sisters, already devoid of life, hope and vitality, with a sense that they are already dead and broken inside.

But in the wild…

It is one of the greatest joys of life. To see them there is an experience you never forget and which has changed me for the better every time.

I once had the luck and privilege to have a whole herd of these gorgeous giraffes, in whole families running along with us for maybe half an hour.

For some reason I had not ever pictured them in big groups or even running weirdly. ?

All I can say is, It was utterly incredible.

Happy, living, doing their thing, free and really alive.

As they should be.


Life Lesson #1 Roll with it, 1 Playlist.

Life lesson #1

Just roll with it.

It is the really the only way.

Don’t fight it, it doesn’t work anyway. Feel that negative force… then step away from that resistance, nothing to see here.

Resistance is, as always, futile ; )

Here are just some of my of my favourite songs on that fabulous album by SOLA ROSA, Get it together.

I can’t stop playing these albums since I found them. They are the things at the moment I turn to the most perhaps.

I love the unique, slightly quirky Latin energy to them. With some fantastic rhythms and musicians to get lost in and get your wiggle well and truly on.

Two of the most useful things I do to help with stress or when I get up on the wrong side of the bed and need to raise my vibrations and shake it of.

I do just that, I get up and dance like no ones watching to music that moves me.

Then Meditate, trust me a day without music, movement and meditation is not the same kind of day at all. Both the control and the loss of control in utter,mindless nowness, Is transformative to me.

More too from another album I can’t stop playing. The awesome GUTS, les Bienheureux, it is SO good, with some beautiful little brass for base, with both witty and musically brilliant.

With just a touch of MO HORIZONS and the Banana Soundsystem, to finish with.

Three of the albums that keep me sane at the moment.

Enjoy you lovely things,

Love, love, love To all. X

Pomegranate love…

One of my absolute favourite fruits. So good for you and full of antioxidants, if they really exist? I Don’t know about you, but I am trying to eat more of them.

Although I can only think of a few fruits on the entire planet, that I don’t love. This is definitely near the top, of my top 10 and yes, sadly I have thought about it.

Realistically I would need to live in Asia to be able to grow and pick all the fruits I love best.

I remember from childhood so much Art laden with bursting pomegranates. Always looking like the richest most generous bounties of all the fruits.

The pomegranate was used in art as a symbol of fertility, desire and abundance understandably, but also resurrection and immortality, inspired by the mythological story of Persephone and Hades.

It has always stuck me as such a glamorous fruit. With an incredible balance of both organic and geometric lines. Another genius and breathtaking work of structure and design.

Word of warning though, speaking as one shopping in Europe. If you want to eat them, namely they be sweet enough to eat and not juice, I recommend the smaller Spanish type or the lighter fruit and skinned ones. They may not look all that, but they really are the best to eat.

Conversely the giant Iranian and Middle Eastern ones that look the most beautiful and the ripest, with its exquisitely deep dark fruit and often even a delicate pinkish blush to the skin. Are in fact really, really sour. Which is great for juices and must have way less fructose which has got to be a good thing. Also perhaps because of such a darker colour fruit maybe even more nutritiously beneficial I’m guessing, from what she know now about dark fruits and vegetables. Any nutritionists out there know if this is the case here too?

Though they are also really hard to eat without, at least minimal contorted sour face and I love sour. Not only that but also they have giant seeds which are way to big to crunch, and realistically who is going to want to eat a fruit with seeds that size, seed by seed?

Odly some of the Spanish ones that don’t even look ripe enough, having barely attained any blush yet, are already the sweetest and most delicious. Their smaller seeds also means that whole handfuls can then be poured into your mouth at once. Or used in cooking as I do and put into a fabulous winter fruit salad with a load of cinnamon. MmmmmmYum. Well if you like cinnamon that is.

What are they like in the rest of the world?

Some more Music today with our first Psychedelic playlist, 1 X

I just love the energy and free sincere rawness of these guys, i find it highly infectious.

It brings out my most sixties and seventies dance moves I have.

We’ve all got them even if we weren’t there, haven’t we?

How could your energy not be lifted by a good old dance?