AMAZE, at the Academy of the Sacred Fool. With Jamie Catto ( Faithless) + Lisa Lairn.

Academy of the Sacred Fool

Our amazing Online adventure into the Maze of the Sacred Fool with me and Lisa begins APRIL 1st! Join us from anywhere in the world and saunter and cavort with us through 40 teachings, games and monster hunts which are super-efficient yet not especially earnest. We believe pleasure and laughter are transformative.

Do check out the beautifully designed website (and be seduced).

We have all kinds of price structures to include everyone so join this gang of lovely, unpretentious seekers who all realise we’re already HERE but love doing this shit anyway.

There are weekly zoom calls for nearly 3 months as we explore being a crazy tribe together, sharing laughter and courage and marvelling at how I withstand Lisa’s nonsense with such grace and resilience.

A deeper connection is available, even without being seen