Let’s get a little funky for the weekend shall we. X

A fabulous little mix of some of the loveliest upbeat soulful funk.

So much soul 🎶💜💜💜🎶 it always lifts my vibrations.

With the brilliant Betty Write, Jean Knight, Rufus Thomas, the Isley Brother.

Funky Nassau and Since you’ve been gone, are stillr two of those songs that I can get lost in no matter how often I hear them, I never get tired of hearing them.

So we can add them to my pile of most loved songs.

Hope the week treated you kindly and that the weekend does too.

All my Love, Big Heart. xxx

Party music for today, it is Saturday after all.x

The super….K FLAY, with CHAMPAGNE

Love all of these lyrics so much…. they are brilliant..

“But everybody bleeds, right?
Everybody’s waiting for the phone to ring
Yeah everybody seems fine
But everybody’s got pieces missing”

Any one who gets the word circumcised into a song…and it works, has my vote. 
Full Lyrics at the bottom of the page.


GINKOE by NICO STOJAN  the original  full length version. Love the fab slow build on this one.





Champagne k.flay

Champagne in the kitchen not because I bought it but because
I’m crashing an apartment and somebody left it open
So I poured it in a cup, drank it up
I got the devil in my head but angels swimming in my blood
Plus the conscience of my dead dad
Plus my living mama plus my other father who raised me not to be sad
And my brother who says that he worries about me from my songs
And my sister who’s been living like a saint for so damn long
Well I’ve been fucking sinning til the lights come up 
And the mics catch us saying shit that we never really meant
Crew wears all black stuff but we all act like we’re so different
But everybody bleeds, right?
Everybody’s waiting for the phone to ring
Yeah everybody seems fine
But everybody’s got pieces missing
At minimum I’d like a little medicine to make me feel like everything
Diminishing the venom that been harshing all my mellows 
I’m continuing to fight against the sentiment that make me want to die
In a world full of uptight gentlemen 
I wanna find a boy smelling like sweet cinnamon 
To quote some Tennyson while we take Benadryl 
To make my head a bit extra lightI feel it, I want it
I need it, I love it
I’m looking for something
To make me feel nothing
I feel it, I want it
I need it, I love it
I’m looking for something
To make me feel nothingDriving through the bay, pray for understanding
I’ll be silent for a day, wait until I vanish 
And I’m fighting for a break, vacant kind of passion
Never really can account for all the ways in which I’ve acted
Tried to call my daddy but he’s been gone a decade 
So I’m drinking like an addict til I’m fucking with a headache
Happiness sporadic so I’m crying on a Wednesday
Not trying to be combative but I’m dealing with some dead weight
Verbalize the hurt inside make me wanna burn alive
My heart was never broken, it was circumcised

Songwriters: Justin Thomas Daly / Kristine Meredith FlahertyChampagne lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group, Warner/Chappell Music, Inc

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Todays music…Lisa Hannigan, Raphael Sadiq and Mo horizons

Lisa hanigan, Keep it all.

Love all her stuff, she has lots of great albums.


Rapael Sadiq, Stone Rollin.

From the album of the same name, which is a also fantastic album.


and finally,

Koito Pie Bira , by Mo Horizons, Featuring Varna Boogaloo crew and The Banana Sound system.

Any one out there know what it means, or is about?

Please do tell,

Love to hear what you think, always. x

I Can’t wait to post more music so..

I Can’t wait, I’m too excited, So I thought I would post a few tunes at once, which then allows me to also post more on other subjects too and we can build the playlist sooner.

So today’s are MOONSHINE FREEZE by This is the kit.  I found this on the Shamballa Festival playlist last summer. A fab tune.



Ready for a dance?

I think the dance gene would have to be non existant for this rhythm not to get you. I can’t even sit still writing this whilst I listen.

I hadn’t heard this for years. Such fun. Try it with the kids.


So get ready for GET READY by Congo Natty, I just love it. There is probably 2000 of our required daily steps right there…

you are welcome. 😂


And the last today, the Beautiful voice of Faith Evans, MESMERISED


Wishing you all the Happiest of weekends.x

Rolling Stones, She’s a Rainbow 🌈

I thought what better way to start to introduce myself a little, than to add as many fantastic tunes this month from my vast array of randomness that is my music catalogue.

That way by the end of the month we should already have a decent length cracking playlist to listen to as I do cranked up good and loud in the car.

Or one of my personal favourites, dancing round the house like a nut job, (ahem i mean like a QUALITY dancer) and call it my excercise for the day.

Today i start with the Rolling Stones She is a Rainbow which is one of my favorite Stones songs.

Their wonderful casual lose brilliance as usual, plus some exquisite piano and strings that, to me, make it one of the most beautiful and delicate of their songs.

First the digitally remastered version.


Then the video which i had not seen until now, both brilliant