Silent Sunday- ish. A great one to work or even meditate to. X

Mmmmmmmmmm that’s all I have to say about this….

GnOM ! Monday Meditation With Wayne Dyer.

Letโ€™s start the week with a wonderful little guided meditation From the Blessing that is Wayne Dyer.

Monday Meditation, the Mighty Deepak Chopra and wooshing water. Absolutely Fabulous ๐ŸŒŠ

Morning beautiful people, How are you ? I am in the middle of  getting my son ready for school Tomorrow.  More importantly  though we trying to enjoy our last day of holidays together. So I thought we could all do with a lovely little Monday Meditation.

Here is a wonderful deep but short meditation guided by the the stillness that is Deepak Chopra. This one is great for even doing as a sitting meditation, so its ideal for a quick lunch break centring. Or stealing a quick 15 minutes somewhere just to chill.

The subtle use of meditation bowl, wooden pipes and the babbling water really seems to calm and ground me. At first honestly I wasn’t sure if I liked it, nor if some of the sounds would irritate my fussy old ears. I was so wrong. Not only is it all brilliant in its own way but also all vital to the overall story its telling, so to speak.

It starts with the river already reasonably loud, at the beginning of the meditation, which doesn’t seem to over power or jarr. Instead it soothes, calms and helped me disengage from distractions completely. Which was both useful and wonderful.

Then the incredible deepening came for me when the water crescendoed into a great climax.  Almost as though I was in the river, or even was the river. I went so deep with this one I felt almost out of myself, if that makes any sense.

For such a mini meditation it takes you on quite a journey in such a short time. This will definitely go onto my regular listens the calm I felt after was beautiful.

I hope you like and that it manages to do the same for you.

Namaste you gorgeous lot. xxx

For anyone who does not yet know what NAMASTE means. This is what i mean by it, at any rate. x

INTERNAL MUSIC, FOR GOING DEEP. Internal by Jamie Catto and Alex Forster

Ideal for meditation or just going deep, meditation and peace.

Works wonders for me, hope it’s useful for you too.x