BUDDHA words to live by.

Are we not ALL flowers in a relationship, every last one of us?🌹 Each looking for All the same things.

A harder one to achieve perhaps, though I work on it daily ; )

SO much great stuff to reflect on.

Also our playlist is building nicely here on Spotify and is linked here.

Pinterest, Facebook and YouTube maybe even to follow shortly, to make it all as easy as possible to access it all in one place.

I have mixed in some of my old boards on Pinterest rather than starting again and that way you will get to know me and my Loves even sooner. I hope you like them, bough really it’s all about you.

Yes they are quite a number of highly material things on there, but for me it has never been about the money or possession of anything.

It is not about anyone seeing it or knowing i have it. It’s all about the quality, the craftsmanship and or the wonderous materials.

It’s about wearing the clothes that are cut to perfection or driving the car that makes me weak at its sleek looking design.

Or an engine so finely tuned it makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up, like a great voice does too.

The softness of the leather, the grain or patina of the wood. The touch and feel of it all. It is about their aesthetic, and the quality of the design and form, Its beauty really. Inherent or otherwise.

Not much different from the beauty in nature, i suppose, this is just the hand made, man made kind.

Beauty is beauty no matter where it is found after all.

Have a great day….NAMASTE 💜