Feeling the Love, More and more, A Massive Thankyou to all…Georgia Anne Muldrow 🎶

The Song for the day for all of you, with so many thanks for joining us and welcome to the Clan fellow big hearts.  It has been amazing first month almost.

So this month I am especially grateful for youOn wordpress: http://theministryofloves.com

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And the 300 plus on Pinterest, Hurray ! I am so grateful for you all.


More and more by The fabulous, Georgina Anne Muldrow.

Great lyrics,

“More than a colour, blackness is a state of mind”



This will be added to the playlist like the others until the end of the month and then we will start all over again. Yay !

SO SORRY about all the links being wrong still apparently, I am still on it ; ) But not really my forte, as you may have guessed by now.

Namaste  and Thankyou, you beautiful people. x