Soulful Sunday with more AWSOME AFRICA PART 2… the softer stuff 🎶 💜

Solful Sunday soundtrack..the softer kind.

Had to add another Ali Farka Toure too…Cinquante six !

Officially for me, one of THE MOST BEAUTIFL TUNES IN THE WORLD.

His guitar playing is just so exquisite and delicate that it makes me cry, but in a great way… if there is such a thing ; )

Soooooooo beautiful…just saying 💜

Plus more from the fab Ralph Gum deep housey stlye and ever fun The Busy Twist too.

Huge Love and Welcome to all you gorgeous newcomers.x

And remember Just be you beautiful selves, what ever and whoever that is……..

Because everyone else is taken ; )

Enjoy and have a fantabulous sunday. X

Ali Farka Toure and Ry Cooder, beautiful, beautiful Blues 🎶

Oh my god, I am such a blues baby… I LOVE THIS !!!

To me this is just another example that proves we are all the same, no matter who, what or where we are, we still all feel and yearn, cut and bleed the same.

Or as the brill K FLAY says..

“But everybody bleeds, right?
Everybody’s waiting for the phone to ring
Yeah everybody seems fine
But everybody’s got pieces missing”

We all have pain and hopes, loves and trials and The Blues, is The Blues, is The Blues………

No matter who sings it, or where or in what language, you feel his pain.

I LOVE that about music.

The Musicians I know would say that they feel an inbuilt, inherent, and almost instant bond with other musicians, from any where in the world, because they share this common language. They all speak and feel music. So even without words they can communicate with each other.

And boy do they…

Heaven for The ears and soul.