Anyone need your Chakras tuned? In 7 minutes? I know i do…

This is a great little listen for when I don’t have long, I use this to tune In and turn up my vibrations. As I often need to.

I Just Love the deep sounds, they resonate so beautifully that they seem to go right through me, like I am a tuning fork.

It always amazes me the affect and power of sound has.


Also I just want to thank every one of you for being so very welcoming and kind on this my baby beginning steps into blogging.

I am so so grateful 💜🙏💜 and feeling blessed. Thank you all.x


And apologies eventually I will sort out all my settings and pages and layouts and the rest. Thanks too for your patience. Soon we will have the playlist on Spotify, accounts actually linked and pages actually done right. 😂 Yay!



The perfect song for a little peace 🎶 Saraswati Ma… gorgeous.

Today If you ever need a little calm. This song does it for me every time.


Rolling Stones, She’s a Rainbow 🌈

I thought what better way to start to introduce myself a little, than to add as many fantastic tunes this month from my vast array of randomness that is my music catalogue.

That way by the end of the month we should already have a decent length cracking playlist to listen to as I do cranked up good and loud in the car.

Or one of my personal favourites, dancing round the house like a nut job, (ahem i mean like a QUALITY dancer) and call it my excercise for the day.

Today i start with the Rolling Stones She is a Rainbow which is one of my favorite Stones songs.

Their wonderful casual lose brilliance as usual, plus some exquisite piano and strings that, to me, make it one of the most beautiful and delicate of their songs.

First the digitally remastered version.


Then the video which i had not seen until now, both brilliant



Apologies and Oops sorry. i seem to have put up the original Earth wind and fire video instead of the shred and then insulted them, putting them in the loves to laugh category saying how funny they are. Sorry boys.

Athough not unsuprisingly perhaps, it did the job because I did laugh. Maybe not so much WITH myself, and rather more AT myself.  So let us try again, hopefully this will make a lot more sense, and be a great deal less insulting 😉



Even though i LOVE music, i also love this.

Although sadly it sounds just like i am singing all parts and playing all the instruments too, i could not stop laughing. I especially Love the brass.



Thank you for taking the time to join me, on this, the very beginning of my blogging adventure. Any kind comments, help or advice will always be gratefully received.

It is all about the love after all.