Sister Rosetta Tharpe,Guitar and voice of the gods…

Some of the earliest Rock and Roll ever. She is Fab ! That guitar…. that voice….  Just wow, she is incredible and an absolute joy to listen to.

Gospel Blues at its best with the original rock and roll guitar picking that was way ahead of her time.  Even influencing Chuck Berry and even Elvis Presley. With originals like her music

This first song kills me, that gravelly Gospel voice, all that passion, heart, soul and pain in her voice.. utterly brilliant.

The kinda voice  I have always wanted desperately, but now id just take in tune : )

Probably a good thing though, as I would truly NEVER stop singing if I did. Ha ha which may be irritating after a while…. though considerably less than even a minute of my voice.

Luckily some of my besties sing like angels so I just mime and listen ; )

Funky friday, I cant keep working this hard, by the Allergies.

So Good ❤

So Funky…. such a wonderful voice, and a great way to start the weekend, yay!.. welll almost ; )

thanks for the gorgeous Sharon McCutcheon, on pexels.

Moss kena, sweet song for the day… Square one.

Moss Kena

Fabulous song, and video woth lyrics if you need them. x

I know how she feels, but as i get older now i realise, i just called life.

Love and light to you all x