Funky friday, I cant keep working this hard, by the Allergies.

So Good ❤

So Funky…. such a wonderful voice, and a great way to start the weekend, yay!.. welll almost ; )

thanks for the gorgeous Sharon McCutcheon, on pexels.

Moss kena, sweet song for the day… Square one.

Moss Kena

Fabulous song, and video woth lyrics if you need them. x

I know how she feels, but as i get older now i realise, i just called life.

Love and light to you all x



Shoop shoop…. you know what I’m talking about ; ) Song for the day.

For me still one of the best hip hop tunes EVER, what do you think?…

Salt n Pepa, Shoop.

Is it still objectification when it happend to a man? 😉