Sadly my inner Hulk has no such control yet 😏

He was my son’s favourite super hero when he was ickle. Only he couldn’t say HULK, he used to say Honk.

So for quite a few years he used for paint himself green all over regularly, if only with a felt tip pen and go around all seriously saying…


LOVE HIM :’ ) So hard not to laugh.x

Silent, Soulful Sunday Afternoon Delight Playlist Part 1. With Big Love 💖

From the cute to some very odd fruit and veg…I am such a child, but i do still find some of these funny ; )

I will start from the kinda cute…right through the curious, ending with the out right odd and borderline obscene at the end ; )

"A goofy tomato"

Funny Shaped Fruit and Vegetables

20 Unusually-Shaped Fruits And Vegetables That Look Like Something Else



When you're so #BaylorProud you start seeing bears in everything.13 Funny-Shaped Fruits And Vegetables That Look More Like Plants


(2) Одноклассники

 Jessie got in touch to show us the heart shaped strawberry she found recently. Thought you guys would love it.

20 Unusually-Shaped Fruits And Vegetables That Look Like Something Else

Rubber Duck Potato - Neatorama

To the migh what a big one you have…




Peter Glazebrook, and his wife Mary, national judges from the Giant Vegetable Society crowned one of Peter's prize white brassicas - a monst...

It's the time of year when a certain type of gardener starts polishing pumpkins and measuring marrows ...

HUGE O-S Cross Giant Cabbage - 50 Seeds - 70lb HEAD

Check out these melons !

This “Oh my god, Becky, look at her…” watermelon. | 17 Photos That'll Give You Major Ass Inspiration


Cloudy with a chance of... Giant Watermelon? Photoshop has really made me a skeptic.

Errr maybe not ; )

265-pound watermelon grown by Mark Clement of Michigan.

More likely

He loves his Pumpkin...   ALLEMAGNE, Fuerstenwalde. L'agriculteur Oliver Langheim montre dans son jardin sa citrouille de 320 kilos, le 20 septembre 2013. AFP/Patrick...




To the, Wow that looks a lot like…



stretching radish

OOOOAAAEEEEEE!!!!! EEEEE!!! NO WORDS FOR HOW MUCH I LOVE THESE LIL GUYS IN THE TUB!!! -- How a Japanese Radish Became an Internet Hero

Granny smith?

non è una granny smith ... ma è comunque una bellissima nonna mela




Sexy veggies

Doubtful, but beautiful.x

WTS ∙ Weird Tomato Face


Give them a big hand..

Unique carrot creepy or cool?


"Well, hellooooo there mista mista. Seems like you could use a hot... cup of tea?" Says Miss D.  XD this is terrrrrible. Lol.

Mr and Mrs

Marvels new character Captain Carrot 



Oddly Shaped Fruits & Vegetables - Neatorama

Menage ?


Inter-rootial couple?

"So what if I'm yellow and you're orange? One day the world will accept our love."


20 Unusually-Shaped Fruits And Vegetables That Look Like Something Else


If you're a vegetarian and need to offer Qurbani... I got your back! ✋

Gangstaaaa !

ANGRY BIRD ! Well it does not look happy.

20 Unusually-Shaped Fruits And Vegetables That Look Like Something Else



Well I will let you just see them shall I ?

Let you decide ( ;


Frække gulerødder ;-)

Now those are some spikey balls, OUCH.

This bristly pink thing is not a penis. Photos That Will Make You Feel Weirdly Dirty

I love the little hairs on this one, HA ha ha. I dont know why it makes me smile.

Giant Red Penis Strawberry Seeds Rare Chinese Garden Fruit Bonsai Seed Perennial Plant Sweet And Delicious Fruits Food 100pcs. Yesterday's price: US $0.64 (0.56 EUR). Today's price: US $0.58 (0.51 EUR). Discount: 10%.

Funny Meme Pics on Twitter: "#vegan #carrot #dick #meme… "


The Vegetable Seed Store Peppers Hot & SweetThe Peter pepper (sometimes referred to as the penis pepper) is an heirloom chili pepper that is best known for its phallic shape.

PENIS CHILLI Red, Yellow, Orange Buying a pack of 5 or 10 seeds. You have to choose the color you want, Red, Yellow or Orange.  The Penis Chilli is a funny addition to any garden. They have a great taste and are perfect for salsa source etc. Perfect to grow and eat yourself or share as a funny present for a Valentines gift or a Hen night present to the bride to be etc.  Fresh seeds are packed in ziplock bags


Omg u can grow peppers thatvlooks like lil wangs to funny. I wanna give the seeds to someone but not tell them they will look like cocks lol

"Chilli Willy" Peppers Grow Naturally Phallic Shaped And Taste Great Too!


21 Vegetable Jokes That Are So Dumb They're Actually Hilarious

This potato needs a good mashin' #funny

Funny shape

eat it.

Community Post: 36 Sexiest Fruits On The Planet

Special Shaped Fruits and Vegetables

Funny-Shaped Food:   This photo was sent in by Joanne G. from San Jose, CA!


Evil pepper - Weird-shaped fruit and vegetables - goodtoknow

Strange looking carrot I dug up has two legs and a .... (!) Oh my!!! | Fusian Living

And Finally…

Community Post: 36 Sexiest Fruits On The Planet

Right, that’s enough of that.

Have a great weekend


So true… Tune today is the wonderful, LIFE IS CONFUSING By Langhorne Slim.

“Life is Confusing and people are insane.”

All the best ones anyway.

Spriritual-ish, Song for the day. WONDERFUL WORLD by James Morrisson.

Don’t ever forget life is way too short to not be the real you, and besides… everyone is already taken. x

Ask all those who have ever nearly died. Not that i would recommend it obviously, but it is a wonderful side effect none the less. Looking always for the right side.

The appreciation you have for every breath, from then on is phenomenal. Each and everyday in every way is a blessing. Each second spent with my son, my family or friends a massive bonus.

The small stuff does not matter and just melts away. It gets the importance it always deserved…the small and insignificant kind.

Each day a gift, that is why they call it the present. X

I am especially grateful for this today.

What makes you grateful today?

Jimi, Jimi, Jimi… I Needed a bit of this today, hope you do too.x well yesterday if I could sort my posting out…oops😂🙏🌻


The first album I ever had was Jimi Hendrix’s Electric Ladyland. I was  when I was only 7 years old and what I know now was probably the beginning of my passion for music.

The reason I say had, is because I do mean had.  Previously my big brother actually HAD it… and then he didn’t and I had somehow liberated it from him ; ).  Though if he had been bothered i’m sure he would have fought me for it. It wasn’t as if he didn’t hear me playing it from then on constantly. 

As soon as I heard it I was hooked. It felt like he was expressing it all for me.

Have you ever felt that when you hear music or a band that just feels like you/me? As though it were a part of you already? A known quantity, that just needed to come home. That when you hear it it makes perfect sense, like somehow they speak for you? Or is it just me? 

There are many, many incredible guitarists that I also love with a passion in their own way, each brilliant, each unique. But still no one plays it like Jimi. x

What was the first album you had?…. and bought yourself? lol

The first 2 that i bought for myself after Jimi, with my own money that is, was Randy Crawford and Michael Jackson, Off the Wall


And a lovely light reggae version that i have only just found…x