Sky 1 playlist. Something to lay back and look up to. X

From the oh so fluffy to the daily work of Art’s that are each sunrise and sunset. I love them all. Each different, each spectacular in it’s own way.

Don’t forget to stop, breath and enjoy all of them. Nature’s not so little reminder to stop and be grateful for it all.

Another day under these breathtaking skies on our amazing planet. Lest we forget all the blessings we have. Nor forget to take care of it, as it does us.

Whenever I see any kind of sky, even the grey on grey I appreciate them all, as they all have their beauty. I make a point of trying to drink it all up and soak it all in, wherever I am.

Sometimes only fleetingly if I’m driving by, because no one wants a crash. But More often I would have to stop the car and capture that days, hours, or moments master piece. Feeling privileged to have been witness to it.

But if I am walking my Dog say, or out in nature ideally, I stop and use that as another chance to reconnect with myself and the universe. I sit or stand and just watch the sky go by. It is an amazing little meditation because all you need to do is take the time stop and look.

It always seems to work on me both calming and reinvigorating.

All that glorious colour and form, pattern and geometry. Both organic, abstract and angular at times, how could that not fill me with a sense of wonder, joy and gratitude.

A feeling of connection to it all. I know now for me at least, I need that because it seems to feed me and energise my life force in a way.

So I thought I’d give you a little mix to relax and watch the clouds go by to.

There are quite a few from THE ORB, because they are geniuses at understanding dynamics. I don’t know about you, but I like to be taken on a proper journey. Be surprised not expecting.

Sometimes I like to see if I can either cloud bust or cloud create. See if I can’t make them into the shapes I want. Ha ha ha.

Their first track on the mix, FIRST CONSIDER THE LILLIES is a meditation on a flying carpet all by itself. I just love that. Free holiday as I see it, even if it’s only for a few minutes. The further I am taken the better and more refreshing the voyage.

Also some more from the awesome NIGHTMARES ON WAX, with the most beautiful lyrics and message. I am listening to them a lot at the moment because I have only just found them, OH NO ! Lol it’s ok, we have them now, panic over.

To the sweetness of another ALI FARKA TOURE and the lovely ANGELICA, by LAMB, plus another double , sorry, from a previous playlist, GOLDEN CLOUDS added simply because it’s too great a song to not put on a Sky playlist and because I love it so much i can’t stop playing it.

And a beautiful Japanese word that I learnt today which sums this all up in a way. Where I want to live anyway.

Have a Beautiful day and Namaste you beautiful lot. X

I have Deja Poo so often !

Keep smiling !

Especially on the days it is hard to.

Smile anyway and often. Even if you don’t feel like it, you will feel it.

This is one time where the dreadful sentiment of “Fake it till you make” does in fact work.

Smiles release chemicals in your body that do actually make you feel better. So why wouldn’t you? Especially on those days where it is a challenge to.

Force it. I promise you it works.

Smiles are fabulous things.

They are free, can make you feel incredible and are catching.

They spread like the magical energy they are.

Keep it up, keep it going. Pass it on. X

Americana 1, Mini playlist for your pleasure.x

When I was little I was obsessed with America and everything American. Everytime we went we explored more and more I loved it more. Each state different, each holding its own unique treasures and I loved them all.

With undoubtedly some of THE MOST breathtaking Nature I have ever seen in my life anywhere on the planet. This music somehow reminds me of all that.

Such beautiful songs and what unbelievable voices.

God I wish I could sing, I would never stop. Music everywhere you go…You can’t ever forget your instrument or not have it when you wanted, Brilliant.

That WHITE BUFFALO song Wish it was true is excruciatingly good. It makes me feel every heart felt emotion laden note, with gorgeous deep lyrics.

Ir can bring a tear to my eye on the on a wrong day so I’ve added the WOOD BROTHERS song Sing about it on there again at the end so I don’t send anyone of crying and also because I love it so much I can’t get it out of my head since I found it. So much better to end on a high, don’t you think?

The last thing I want to do is make anyone cry, lol.

Plus more from the wonderful RAYLAND BAXTER, CAAMP and the Fantabulous JOHN PRINE ‘s Pretty good. Love that song.

Hope you can feel all them too, but not too much, ha ha.x

Have a beautiful day Big Hearts, even if you have to “make it so” to quote Star Trek. X

Let me count the ways I LOVE Vic Reeves. To quote Monty Python… Aaaa lot !!

For this alone is enough to love him. He is a comedy genius. X

I am not forgetting the Fab Bob Mortimer too in this. Just not on this, and not today.

So nice to see too that I am not the only one who can play for hours with, in, on, or create with a box or four.

From full size playhouses to slides from castles on the sofa. I’ve done them all, and loved making everyone.

As I reeled from the blow, steadying myself rubbing a bloody head whilst they were all still counting !

In fact the only time I have ever cracked my head open, was the great hide and seek inside the of 2015. When I was rushing to climb into a castle box whilst wearing flared jeans. I don’t suggest it. Followed by a slow mo fall backwards into a wall, lol. Oops 😜

seven, eight, nine, ten….coming ready or not!

I was so not 😂

lesson learnt, so NO hide and seek in boxes and flares…tick.

One of my favourites if all our creations though was using an American fridge box, which are enormous so you feel you have to do that much cardboard justice and not waste it. Honour the wood.

So we coverered the whole sofa, cut windows at face height and then lived like that for a good few days/week.

We ate our meals, watched telly, chatted, played, and read etc all from the sofa box. Or as it was called sofhouse.

It is obviously catching or perhaps hereditary because all my son has to do is see a box and he has to find a way of wearing it immediately.

When I see a box I just think, what fun can we have with that today?

He is 13 but regularly still hides in or wears a box or 2 to surprise/welcome his mates when they come over. Lol

I Love him so much, again for this one thing alone. X