I am besotted mother and creative soul, brought up in a wonderfully bohemian multi cultural family, partly in an Arts school for many years and partly in my mum’s recording studio. I have always been around creativity and creatives because that is where I am happiest, as though the arts are coursing through my veins. Perhaps my greatest gift though, is my eye for talent and I am fascinated by almost everything in this, our incredible universe.

I have lived long enough to have known both good times and bad many times over.  I have gone from the sublime to the ridiculous and back again. Picked myself up every time and learned to be grateful for it all. This is how I do it. This is the stuff that feeds me, lifts me, teaches me, warms me, and gives me hope. These are the people who make me proud to be human and the loves and passions that make me thrilled to be alive.

These are my loves I want to share with you, I hope you love them too.


But as Socrates said far more eloquently than I…

The older I get, the more I realise, how little I know.

; )