Have you ever heard people say that it is nigh on impossible to love someone else fully, unless you can love yourself ?Then this relationship we have with ourselves, must surely be the most important one of our lives?

So i believe we must nurture it passionately and never let us take it for granted.

Be kind to yourself as your very best friend would be and treat yourself with kindness, always. Note to self..watch the self talk, no matter how funny you think self deprecating humor can be.

Treat yourself, often and when ever you need it. Do things that make you happy, your heart glad or your soul shine. Don’t wait to go out, go on a trip or even buy yourself a pressy, Treat YOUR self.

This goes hand in hand with staying present. See what your brilliant body is telling you it needs, throughout the day, checking in regularly. To make sure you get all the necessities your body needs, drink, sleep and eat enough of the right stuff.

Then if you believe as i do that like attracts like, then the energy we give out is therefore of paramount importance to what we attract back. Buy loving yourself wholeheartedly, passionately and completely, must be the way forward then ?

Equally too, how could it not then attract the same, whole hearted, full bodied and unbridled love.

Doesn’t that sound great ?

Big Love All Always. B xxx