One earth, one species of small pink vulnerable flesh and blood. All the same and all in this together.

Anyone else feel like Mother Earth is asking for a rest ?

Even a manmade virus needs the chaos of the cosmos to be accidentally leaked.

I can’t help feeling that she made us listen, because we were not.

This situation as dire as it is, is an opportunity to bring us closer, teach us to work together and what is possible to achieve if we do.

Also how much we can achieve on line….just saying 😏

Do we really need all those face to face business meetings, across the world? Flying the 12 hrs each way for a meeting the length of time it takes to eat a sandwich. Just a thought.

Is this really the best we can do to help our own planet? Even for our own sakes?

Let this bring out the best of all that it is to be human. Hopefully with our heads still pondering the top of the pyramid, even though we may still yet be struggling with the bottom.

So today I’ve gone right around the world with a good old mix from all over. Some with 2 minute long intros, so please do give them a while to get going.

For now and always

Big love all, stay safe. X