Did you know that only one Owl says “TWIT” and one says “TWOO “? so you don’t always here the standard “Twit Too” sound. I wonder which one is calling who the Twit and the other Twoo ? Or is it really “Twit !” and “ No Yooooou ! “

What i find more facinating is how animal sounds vary from one country to another. For example Italian Cocks makes a “Kiii Ki Rikiii” noise, whilst a British Cock favours a nice “Cock a doodle doo”

French Cows don’t say “Moo” like theirs British counterparts, They say “Meihhhhhh” .

Which of course is to do with the Languages for sure, but also in the sounds related to each language and their spelling. What i can tell you is that bringing up kids in a multicultural family, makes teaching animal noises to kids far funnier for the parents.

Anyone know any more? Because i would i would love to know.

How does your Owl Hoot? In your language? Do tell.

How does your Cock sound? Lol, Keep it clean ….. In your country ?

Though i am not sure that sounds much better, but hey ho.

; )

So any way, back to Owls.These faces are incredible. Some look like they are almost made up for an evening out ? ; ) Some look cute, some terrifying, or mystycal with their glowing eyes, but others just look sleepy and docile, like they wouldn’t hurt a fly. Ahem, well probabably not a fly.

I feel blessed and grateful beacuse I have the almost daily pleasure of watching one, quite large light brown coloured Owl who comes to hunt in the field behind us.

I love just sitting on my hammock to watch all the Birds, Bunnies, Pheasants, Foxes and Wildlife. But when it comes to watching the Birds of Prey, it feels like an honour to have been there, just then at the right moment. Even though i quiite obviously want them to eat, I still secretly want their Prey to get away. Silly i know, cos Birds Gotta Eat.

Always have to root for the Little Guy

For Now and as Always

Big Love

Big Heart