From the trance like euphoric brilliance that is The Orb, with “First consider the lilies”, to the genius that is Pete Byrne in Talking Heads with one of my favourite tracks ever, “Once in a Lifetime”.

Followed by the funkiest little number by The Poets Of Rhythm and their fab, “More mess on my thing” which I have a hard time not moving to. Before I know what’s happening I Seem to already be moving. Such a tight talented bunch of musician, it’s a an absolute joy.

Then the wonderful voice of Jamie Liddell, with “ Multiply” , which Is such a great tune with my favourite kind of soulful, bluesy, raw voice to boot. Love it.

Followed by a great Mark Ronson, Alex Greenwald version of another of my all time favourite tracks of perhaps un coincidentally another genius that is Thom Yorke In Radiohead’s masterpiece “Just”

Ending with the boundless energy of one of the tracks from my first album I ever had as a child, that I truly never get tired of. The beauty that is Jimmi Hendrix at his best, in “Crosstown Traffic”.

Love and Light to all