Small party mix Old Skool to get the blood pumping. Starting with STALKER by APHRODITE…. I love the slow steady build on this one, great dynamics and a quality kick off…..just wait for it.

Then an even sexier tease of a build with the indelible DONNA SUMMER , with the 12″ version of I FEEL LOVE….I do feel love when i listen to this and its nigh on impossible to stop wiggling when this is on. A challenge when typing but seemingly doable as i cant seem to stop.

Then the glorious GOLD DUST by DJ FRESH with SHY FX who remembers this one? I love their singing in this with wicked beats perfectly married.

Followed by BINGO BANGO by BASMENT JAXX I adore these guys, they are one of those who never stop producing winners. All their albums are great and have an immense energy that is infectious.. in a good way ; )

Then the AFRO MEDUSA with PASILDA, to finish, with a great afro latin beat that makes me want to dance like a gooden. And you? Which ones do you like? Know? or remember last time round? ; )

Wishing you all the happiest of weekends, Big Love to all x