Lets just take all this in today, and breathe. X

This works everytime for me. If you get a chance to listen to it in the sun, even better. You can really feel like you are there.

Don’t forget that the mind often can’t tell the difference between a real experience and an imagined one.

That is why in sports the players now use this mental imagery to visualise the shot, the win etc with amazing effectiveness.

So surely this must be the same. Even if you only drift off for a quick 5 or 10 minutes on the beach. It is still 5 or 10 minutes, of properly appreciating and enjoying the experience, on a beach and you can go whenever I feel like it.

How great is that.

Listen to the waves and breathe. This is often all I need to centre myself again.

There is something quite primal about it. Another way to connect with the planet, yourself and everything really.

It almost washes right through me, rather than just over me. As though it washes away all other vibrations.

No matter how tight or stressy or tightly wound I feel going in. It always seems to find a way of slowly lapping away at it all. Patiently massaging the vibe until eventually it gets you back to breathing in sync. With them, yourself and the universe.

Where all is, yet again, possible.

By then I am home and back to being me.

The real me. The little me I was before life kicked in.

My essential me.

I do love her. She is so much more fun and never wastes time on any future past. She is always here, always happy and always ready for anything.

Worth taking the time to get back to the real you, don’t you think?

The one that doesn’t lose it with bad drivers ( even if only in her head now, @progress) or even just reacts in ways that later we know aren’t really us.

Worth a think about ?

Enjoy 🌊🌊🌊🌊

Friends and Nature restore like little else, my country break, Day 1.

I have just returned from a fabulous 4 day break in the country, by the sea with some of my fabulous friends.

We did everything we could fit in. Walked up rivers, along beaches, mooched around the beautiful town, saw a fab castle, a pretty church, climbed hills, swung over rivers, went on tiny railroads and even did a bit of wild swimming.

Well not me exactly, as the half Italian in me does not permit me to be able to swim anywhere chilly. Lol. I am without a doubt a fair weather creature that thrives in a hot place and by the sea best.

I realised that I physically NEED s time with elements, as It genuinely seems to feeds my soul. Nothing quite restores like nature does.

Apart from nature with gorgeous friends, kids and dogs that is.

I am a Part Rock chic, yes absolutely. I love people and cities. Capitals especially because I love the diversity, the buzz and the cosmopolitanism. That feeds me too, but I am also the kind of tree hugger and lover that is happy to wander through the woods just listening birdsong, the wind in the leaves or any and all water and get lost for hours.

Maybe because I am half extrovert and half introvert perhaps I feel like I need both. But I am guessing we may all need this balance of life and peace, people and trees. Community and communing with nature and the earth. Grounding ownself. This seems like equilibrium to me.

Spending this time amongst the green trees, blue skies, seas and rivers makes me feel alive, healthy and happy and revitalised.

This photo above was the view Just coming out of the local pub at 10.30 at night. After trying the rather strong local scrumpy cider, which is very alcoholic apple juice basically. A speciality in Somerset after all, so it had to be done.

We had a delicious meal and then came out to this stunning view at 10.30 at night. So understandably I am feeling super grateful and restored.

Followed by Flopping down with full bellies to lay out with cushions and covers to look at the glorious star lit sky all together. What more could I want.

I realised this post was turning into an epic, and there are so many photos to show. So now a pair of posts perhaps, for a little alliteration or even a trilogy even if needs be, starting with this day one.

I Love my friends, I love this planet, being with my son and thier amazing bouncing nee flying dog !

More on that tomorrow with photos to prove it.

Love to all of you Big hearts. X

Amazing how many diverse parts of the same sky. This one looks so soft and fluffy you can almost feel the texture.
It ebbed and flowed as we watched.

Sky 1 playlist. Something to lay back and look up to. X

From the oh so fluffy to the daily work of Art’s that are each sunrise and sunset. I love them all. Each different, each spectacular in it’s own way.

Don’t forget to stop, breath and enjoy all of them. Nature’s not so little reminder to stop and be grateful for it all.

Another day under these breathtaking skies on our amazing planet. Lest we forget all the blessings we have. Nor forget to take care of it, as it does us.

Whenever I see any kind of sky, even the grey on grey I appreciate them all, as they all have their beauty. I make a point of trying to drink it all up and soak it all in, wherever I am.

Sometimes only fleetingly if I’m driving by, because no one wants a crash. But More often I would have to stop the car and capture that days, hours, or moments master piece. Feeling privileged to have been witness to it.

But if I am walking my Dog say, or out in nature ideally, I stop and use that as another chance to reconnect with myself and the universe. I sit or stand and just watch the sky go by. It is an amazing little meditation because all you need to do is take the time stop and look.

It always seems to work on me both calming and reinvigorating.

All that glorious colour and form, pattern and geometry. Both organic, abstract and angular at times, how could that not fill me with a sense of wonder, joy and gratitude.

A feeling of connection to it all. I know now for me at least, I need that because it seems to feed me and energise my life force in a way.

So I thought I’d give you a little mix to relax and watch the clouds go by to.

There are quite a few from THE ORB, because they are geniuses at understanding dynamics. I don’t know about you, but I like to be taken on a proper journey. Be surprised not expecting.

Sometimes I like to see if I can either cloud bust or cloud create. See if I can’t make them into the shapes I want. Ha ha ha.

Their first track on the mix, FIRST CONSIDER THE LILLIES is a meditation on a flying carpet all by itself. I just love that. Free holiday as I see it, even if it’s only for a few minutes. The further I am taken the better and more refreshing the voyage.

Also some more from the awesome NIGHTMARES ON WAX, with the most beautiful lyrics and message. I am listening to them a lot at the moment because I have only just found them, OH NO ! Lol it’s ok, we have them now, panic over.

To the sweetness of another ALI FARKA TOURE and the lovely ANGELICA, by LAMB, plus another double , sorry, from a previous playlist, GOLDEN CLOUDS added simply because it’s too great a song to not put on a Sky playlist and because I love it so much i can’t stop playing it.

And a beautiful Japanese word that I learnt today which sums this all up in a way. Where I want to live anyway.

Have a Beautiful day and Namaste you beautiful lot. X


I can’t explain the joy I feel just walking around at the moment with everything in full bloom. The hope and promise of death and rebirth fulfilled.

My eyes scanning back and forth and back again for each and every bursts of colour no matter how surreptitiously hidden it may be , no matter how tiny. Each pretty little face peeping out, popping through, looking towards me shouting out to be seen and admired.

I love all times of the year because each has it’s own undying splendour to enjoy. But there is something about spring and all the flowers that feeds my souls inner rainbow. My need for colour coupled with my awe of every one of nature works of art makes this one of my favourite times of the year.

Even in the quite often grey that is Britain or perhaps because of it, the colour blows, every year. I miss it on all those gloomy spectrum-less day, which is quite a bit of winter too. So for me spring somehow annually sates my souls need for colour.

I plant as many flowers wherever I live because I realise that I love to spend time looking at them, willing and waiting for them to grow. Each tiny petal and expectant bud brings me joy pure and simple.

If I am quiet — House of Heart

I can watch butterflies float weightless over gardens. Stained glass collages of amber, rust, and brown set in facets of sable veins. They hover over flowers, compound eyes and fluttery feelers, faces smeared flaxen too fine for the eye to see. Free from fear death is not a concept on their mystical journey. If I am […]

If I am quiet — House of Heart

From the cute to some very odd fruit and veg…I am such a child, but i do still find some of these funny ; )

I will start from the kinda cute…right through the curious, ending with the out right odd and borderline obscene at the end ; )

"A goofy tomato"

Funny Shaped Fruit and Vegetables

20 Unusually-Shaped Fruits And Vegetables That Look Like Something Else



When you're so #BaylorProud you start seeing bears in everything.13 Funny-Shaped Fruits And Vegetables That Look More Like Plants


(2) Одноклассники

 Jessie got in touch to show us the heart shaped strawberry she found recently. Thought you guys would love it.

20 Unusually-Shaped Fruits And Vegetables That Look Like Something Else

Rubber Duck Potato - Neatorama

To the migh what a big one you have…




Peter Glazebrook, and his wife Mary, national judges from the Giant Vegetable Society crowned one of Peter's prize white brassicas - a monst...

It's the time of year when a certain type of gardener starts polishing pumpkins and measuring marrows ...

HUGE O-S Cross Giant Cabbage - 50 Seeds - 70lb HEAD

Check out these melons !

This “Oh my god, Becky, look at her…” watermelon. | 17 Photos That'll Give You Major Ass Inspiration


Cloudy with a chance of... Giant Watermelon? Photoshop has really made me a skeptic.

Errr maybe not ; )

265-pound watermelon grown by Mark Clement of Michigan.

More likely

He loves his Pumpkin...   ALLEMAGNE, Fuerstenwalde. L'agriculteur Oliver Langheim montre dans son jardin sa citrouille de 320 kilos, le 20 septembre 2013. AFP/Patrick...




To the, Wow that looks a lot like…



stretching radish

OOOOAAAEEEEEE!!!!! EEEEE!!! NO WORDS FOR HOW MUCH I LOVE THESE LIL GUYS IN THE TUB!!! -- How a Japanese Radish Became an Internet Hero

Granny smith?

non è una granny smith ... ma è comunque una bellissima nonna mela




Sexy veggies

Doubtful, but beautiful.x

WTS ∙ Weird Tomato Face


Give them a big hand..

Unique carrot creepy or cool?


"Well, hellooooo there mista mista. Seems like you could use a hot... cup of tea?" Says Miss D.  XD this is terrrrrible. Lol.

Mr and Mrs

Marvels new character Captain Carrot 



Oddly Shaped Fruits & Vegetables - Neatorama

Menage ?


Inter-rootial couple?

"So what if I'm yellow and you're orange? One day the world will accept our love."


20 Unusually-Shaped Fruits And Vegetables That Look Like Something Else


If you're a vegetarian and need to offer Qurbani... I got your back! ✋

Gangstaaaa !

ANGRY BIRD ! Well it does not look happy.

20 Unusually-Shaped Fruits And Vegetables That Look Like Something Else



Well I will let you just see them shall I ?

Let you decide ( ;


Frække gulerødder ;-)

Now those are some spikey balls, OUCH.

This bristly pink thing is not a penis. Photos That Will Make You Feel Weirdly Dirty

I love the little hairs on this one, HA ha ha. I dont know why it makes me smile.

Giant Red Penis Strawberry Seeds Rare Chinese Garden Fruit Bonsai Seed Perennial Plant Sweet And Delicious Fruits Food 100pcs. Yesterday's price: US $0.64 (0.56 EUR). Today's price: US $0.58 (0.51 EUR). Discount: 10%.

Funny Meme Pics on Twitter: "#vegan #carrot #dick #meme… "


The Vegetable Seed Store Peppers Hot & SweetThe Peter pepper (sometimes referred to as the penis pepper) is an heirloom chili pepper that is best known for its phallic shape.

PENIS CHILLI Red, Yellow, Orange Buying a pack of 5 or 10 seeds. You have to choose the color you want, Red, Yellow or Orange.  The Penis Chilli is a funny addition to any garden. They have a great taste and are perfect for salsa source etc. Perfect to grow and eat yourself or share as a funny present for a Valentines gift or a Hen night present to the bride to be etc.  Fresh seeds are packed in ziplock bags


Omg u can grow peppers thatvlooks like lil wangs to funny. I wanna give the seeds to someone but not tell them they will look like cocks lol

"Chilli Willy" Peppers Grow Naturally Phallic Shaped And Taste Great Too!


21 Vegetable Jokes That Are So Dumb They're Actually Hilarious

This potato needs a good mashin' #funny

Funny shape

eat it.

Community Post: 36 Sexiest Fruits On The Planet

Special Shaped Fruits and Vegetables

Funny-Shaped Food:   This photo was sent in by Joanne G. from San Jose, CA!


Evil pepper - Weird-shaped fruit and vegetables - goodtoknow

Strange looking carrot I dug up has two legs and a .... (!) Oh my!!! | Fusian Living

And Finally…

Community Post: 36 Sexiest Fruits On The Planet

Right, that’s enough of that.

Have a great weekend all.xxx