Silent Sunday, so just this today. I do love dogs so much, just look at these little faces. They are too much. XxX

They look like there are on a big night out, lol
Puppy power to soften the heart.
Big enough mate?
This is a smiling dog right? Not just me who sees it.
Noooo ! Did that tongue just get tired?
Ha ha ha his face.
Sooo so nervous poor little thing. X
That smile kills me.
Almost Kangaroo!
They know.

This is the first thing I am buying with my millions……well maybe buy a home to put it in, then all the loved ones etc….but then its definitely number 3, 4 or 5 on my list.

This is incredible, made of Fluorite I’m guessing.
These are just all, Wow
Bit gold and formal for me, but I do love a bit of Malachite. I think it would be more beautiful just as is without embellishments. Let the stone do the talking, so to speak.
I am not even a pink sort of person, but the idea of seeing and bathing in this everyday, fills me with such joy. If you believe in the vibrations of all things as I do, this has got to be amazing, it’s size alone it breathtaking.
This would be a bugger to clean ! Although I’m guessing the people who buy these, don’t clean.
Aah now that makes more sense, and a lovely contrast between the jagged natural form of the rock and the highly polished inside.
Where man collides with rock.
Just love this. X

Indian Influence playlist.

Question for all those Big Hearts from India, or originally and are elsewhere too. I really want to know

Are you proud that all bands seem to have to come to India for a little jaunt? Or is it tiresome by now? Lol

We are obviously pleased as it often brings out their best works. Is it flattery ? Or drudgery of yet another band?

I would assume it would be flattering, surely?

Do you also find the fact that EVERYONE lucky enough to be able to travel, seems to have to come to India to “Find themselves” a good thing? Or are you bored of the constant stream of stressy westerners in your country trying to find something they couldn’t find at home. Is their enlightening your irritating?

A sign that you have so much to offer the rest of the world, for sure. A fabulous affirmation that your ancient culture holds so many of the keys to a happy life.

Or do you just get tired of people re wording ancient teachings and telling them back to you, as new knowledge about karma, or Dharma etc.

Or does it just make you laugh?

So much of Indian culture permeates our world. So much yoga, meditation or living in the “Now” as it is known today seem commonplace to many of us which is a fabulous thing. Though a great deal of it is neither new, nor western.

So much of it comes from you and I am so glad it has. We are always richer for sharing the wealth of knowledge surely. One big melting pot.

Each country, like each person you ever meet in the world, knows something that you don’t. The key is to find out and learn it.

Surely we should do the same with everything and look at things globally, not singularly. Learn what each country does best and then do it too. Wouldn’t that be a clever thing to do? Think a bit more as one, and much less as only some.

The photo below shows this for me, firstly a festival and secondly of Mount Everest after similar soul searchers want to find themselves!!!

But what if you go to find yourself and it turns out that all you find is that you are in fact is a self centred *#$*# like these people.

How do people dare do this?! Haven’t we / aren’t we making enough mess of this planet without people leaving stuff around for someone else to deal with…….


Don’t we all breath the same air??

And relax ……OM !! ; )

So enjoy this fab little mix of Indian and Indian Influence playlist for you. First off many as there on soooooo many bands and soooooo much Influence to share.

Big Love all, to you and yours.

Big Heart


Month 4 playlist, a little late, oops.

I have finally caught up a bit. well at least with this one bit, lol.

Finally adding all the new months playlists to the permanent, All the playlist featured post. Now it REALLY is ALL the playlists again now.

It’s been a busy old month, so i feel a bit like I am permanently running just to catch up, so sorry for the delay.

I am sure that you all know the feeling.

So today Month 4 playlist to listen to.

I always think that these are always best on shuffle because I add them as we go during the month in mini playlists of the same type. So to get a bit more of a dynamic mix , shuffle away.

I love the surprise of a right, good old is mix too, don’t you?

Have a wonderful beautiful day Big Hearts.


I choose Life and an Army of Love. X

Please don’t think that because this blog is only about the light and the positive, that I live in some Disney delusion about life. Or even some Disney life.

Or even that life has magically stopped being life for me, and I have avoided all hardships. That the perceptual guidance system and eternal teacher that is life has missed me out somehow. 

I am blessed yes and have had a blessed life too, but please don’t think that I do not see the skies as dark and bleak sometimes. Or that I have not seen the full spectrum of life on earth and that I don’t understand the shade.

There have been times, years even where I was so lost that I had trouble finding the will or the strength to even be able to get up and face the day. I most definitely have.

 It got so bad at one time that I reached a point of such disenchantment with everything that I didn’t see the point of even bringing a child into a world such as this…

Dark I know and the complete polar opposite of how I feel now, or how the real me feels.

So what changed?

Well let’s face it, all that could have changed is my attitude towards it all and I think my attitude to gratitude too I guess. The Universe just is and hasn’t changed coincidentally for anyone ever, so the change must have come from me.

How had I gone from the happiest, confident, capable, hopeful, glimmering joy of a child. As I believe all children are born…and end up like that?

 I went from my lifelong dream of having a big happy, buzzing home, full of life, lots of kids, nature and dogs even….To that.

Sad when that happens really, when we get so squashed and re shaped in weird amorphous ways until in the end you don’t even recognise yourself.

But precisely perhaps because I have felt all of this and more for far too many years, is exactly why Instead now I choose life.

What I have learnt to do instead, is to see it all yes, light and dark which is far more constructive than wishing, hoping, avoiding or ignoring things unrealistically.

 Though now I try to actively only focus my attention on the positives in any thing I see and surround my self with the same.

 I cannot tell you how this one thing has revolutionised my life and my thinking. What a vast change in the energy it attracts when you do too.

How everything then looks like a blessing. Even looking back on things in your life that are gone and past are seen differently too.

 All those perceived disasters are now actually blessings and the universe trying  desperately to help us out of where we are not thriving and get us where we should be going.

It was just wearing a f***ing good disguise. Lol

Believe me I could write a whole blog just called, Ranty me or how to change the world with love. But let’s face it there are millions of places to moan and vent. Places that extensively only seem to focus on negatives and the bad, like the news.

I have learnt it does not help and it does not serve me at all and In fact it does the opposite and attracts more of the same. Like attracts like. So why would I bother with anything other than all the loveliness.

Instead now, I ALWAYS choose Life, Always choose Love…..Always choose Light and always choose kindness for all, but not forgetting to add me to the list too.

So This is why I created this blog Really as all of our our little save haven of such. A place where we revel in the positive, the creation, the light, the good energy and always the love.

 Where we come to get away from all that negative news, where we only look up to the stars.

Imagine what could be done with a whole worldwide army of love all sending out that kind of positive energy into the world. 

Mmmmmmmmmy kind of place.

Love this… Mental note to self, PLEASE remember this for when you actually could use it and not hours later in bed going over what you should have said ; )

Although I am planning to use it more for comedy with mates perhaps.

Those other occasions I have learnt to stay silent mostly, but that does not mean I can’t make myself laugh, in my own head.