Soft Sunday Playlist 1, a little something to unwind and relax to and a little Wish we were here photo, because I often do. X

How are you all doing this fine Sunday? I thought we may need a little gentle mix today, I hope you like it.

Some spectacular voices, RAY LAMONTANGE’S fab The Man in Me as always like soft buttered velvet, if that was a thing.

ROO PANES someone new to me with beautiful OPHELIA and a such a gorgeous voice.

The ever brilliant PAROV STELER with Tango Muerte, I just love all their stuff.

But just wait till the last song… I’LL BE HOME by Rosseaux….just WOW , it is genuinely breathtaking

His voice is so soulful and so deep that it makes every fibre of my being resonate, that gets to me everytime with the full body goosebumps…

What more can u ask for from a song? The sexy slow crescendo building up at the end just kills me.

Isn’t that just another way our incredulous bodies are telling us what feeds us? What speaks to our soul. How could we ignore that.

All my Love

Big Heart

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Big Heart

I aim to Uplift, Amuse and generally spread talent, fun and love 💜

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