Today’s terrific Tuesday Tunes, from the Indian and Influence, playlist 2

How are you all doing today? Hope you are all having a fab day.

More Indian Tributes from The glorious FEELERS, by BRIAN JONESTOWN MASSACRE.

The Beautiful, Brilliant BEATLES as always the most amazing songs played with all the love and a style all their own. I grew up listening to the BEATLES and the words just seem to all be in my head somehow strangely? Like I was born knowing them even, lol. Anyone else feel that way? Is it an inherently Britsh phenomenon?

Then the spellbinding guitar of the THE YARDBIRDS. Though anything from the Rock God that is ERIC CLAPTON, works for me. This song has a purity and honesty that gets me everytime.

The amount of heart, deep soul and blues that he puts in every stroke really shows. You can feel it can’t you ?

Plus he has the best taste in cars, so how can you not love the guy

Then a little of the fabulous KULA SHAKER, with SHOW YOUR LOVE and BABE RAINBOW’S Secret Enchanted.

Lovely. X

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