Indian Influence playlist.

Question for all those Big Hearts from India, or originally and are elsewhere too. I really want to know

Are you proud that all bands seem to have to come to India for a little jaunt? Or is it tiresome by now? Lol

We are obviously pleased as it often brings out their best works. Is it flattery ? Or drudgery of yet another band?

I would assume it would be flattering, surely?

Do you also find the fact that EVERYONE lucky enough to be able to travel, seems to have to come to India to “Find themselves” a good thing? Or are you bored of the constant stream of stressy westerners in your country trying to find something they couldn’t find at home. Is their enlightening your irritating?

A sign that you have so much to offer the rest of the world, for sure. A fabulous affirmation that your ancient culture holds so many of the keys to a happy life.

Or do you just get tired of people re wording ancient teachings and telling them back to you, as new knowledge about karma, or Dharma etc.

Or does it just make you laugh?

So much of Indian culture permeates our world. So much yoga, meditation or living in the “Now” as it is known today seem commonplace to many of us which is a fabulous thing. Though a great deal of it is neither new, nor western.

So much of it comes from you and I am so glad it has. We are always richer for sharing the wealth of knowledge surely. One big melting pot.

Each country, like each person you ever meet in the world, knows something that you don’t. The key is to find out and learn it.

Surely we should do the same with everything and look at things globally, not singularly. Learn what each country does best and then do it too. Wouldn’t that be a clever thing to do? Think a bit more as one, and much less as only some.

The photo below shows this for me, firstly a festival and secondly of Mount Everest after similar soul searchers or world travellers want to find themselves!!!

But what if you go to find yourself and it turns out that all you find is that you are in fact is a self centred *#$*# like these people.

How do people dare do this?! Haven’t we / aren’t we making enough mess of this planet without people leaving stuff around for someone else to deal with…….


Don’t we all breath the same air??

And relax ……OM !! ; )

So enjoy this fab little mix of Indian and Indian Influence playlist for you. First off many as there on soooooo many bands and soooooo much Influence to share.

Big Love all, to you and yours.

Big Heart


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Big Heart

I aim to Uplift, Amuse and generally spread talent, fun and love 💜

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