Fantastic views and Flying dogs. Day 2 of English Countryside fun.X

I Love my friends, our sons, my cheeky little woof, and my friends amazing flying, bouncing dog.

A little out of focus, because she genuinely moves like a bullet. This was after a 14k clamber up a a rock river and I do mean river and not riverbank.

She and my fluffy kid were alive with excitement all day. Whole bodies wagging continually. Unending Jumping, swimming, sniffing and making new friends.

I actually think my dog may be a little down now we are home. Poor pup, lol.

I think he misses his big long legged girlfriend. He looks sad…. Not to mention a bit knackered/exhausted from all the adventures.

Here she comes, flying through the air. So funny!

I don’t know quite how she landed in black and white ?

My friends Adventure dog !
Maybe she inherited her flying gene from her bro?

This view struck me as a perfect example of what seems to me to be a quintessentially British village.

It reminded me somehow of a trip through time. My mind instantly Imaging it’s progression from conception to the present day.

So i had a little play.

This is almost how I pictured it. The first looks like a post war photo, don’t you think? Or the village out of Bedknobs and Broomsticks. Lol

When books got colour. The equivalent of the Wizard of Oz in book form.
This could be a print from a book from the 60 80’s or a lithograph from an earlier book about the quintessential English Village.
This could be in a comic from anytime from the 30’s maybe? To the 70’s
It is fascinating how easily this shows how drastically this changes the feel and imagined context of them all.
A Victorian /Edwardian photo?
A 18 C print of an etching?
The beautiful view on our way down to discover it was a Poerty Walk.
Presumably a local competition had littered our decent with poems to read on the way down. What a beautiful idea.
Would be nice with prints of Original Artists works too dont you think?

Think I’ve gone a bit Tolkienesque and we r up for a trio of adventures so more hols Part 3 at some point.

From Flowers, Fudge, and fleecey soaps to steeples, shops,, and shoes as art … yes apparently it’s a thing now!

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