Soft, sexy Latin mini playlist. For the soul, the blood and the week πŸ’œ with love.

So sorry about all the posting, not posting, sharing, not sharing malarkey. I have been trying to add Instagram and twitter which seems to have unfortunately made all the difference. So lets hope I have it now. Sometimes too i check the draft preview, which looks pukka only to find later that it has morphed into a series of unsightly links… oops.

Originally i was trying only 3 platforms and posting different things to all. Now i realise what with kids, holidays, dog, life, trying to write more and work it was turning into a pressure rather than a pleasure which wont do.

Then a blogging friend advised i would really need Instagram and twit twit Twitter too. So now i do, I am, and i will. Only now it is we five, I can’t now post differently to all and have a life too, which is the bad news.

The good news, on the other hand, is that you can now choose your favourite platform so no need to fumble about in places you are unfamiliar, like i have been doing. And i have more time to find you all that juicy music etc which is what really feeds my soul, and brings me joy.

Hope these ever changing plans are to you liking… lets see shall we. x

Here is a bit of everything from Afro Cubism, to Bebel Gilberto and Quantic to another glorious heart wrenching Lhasa De Sela song, plus a little Buena Vista Social Club thrown in for good measure. Enjoy ❀

Love and light you gorgeous

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Big Heart

I aim to Uplift, Amuse and generally spread talent, fun and love πŸ’œ

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