No Mistakes only teachers, Our second Month done, so here is your fab 2nd months Playlist.

We made it, we are 2 months old today!

Well sorta kinda but what that does mean is that our Month 2 Playlist is ready, Yay!! I found out that some of you are having trouble finding me on Spotify and all the playlists. Apologies… baby steps an’ all.

So I thought I would post all of the playlists so far over the next week, to make sure you can access them all easily. I hope you can feel them all, let me know if you still can’t.

Secondly I want to reiterate my thanks, as always, to all fellow big hearts with us on our journey.  If you have just joined us, Helloo and a huge welcome to all.

Over the last two months I have learnt an unbelievable amount in such a relatively short time. Though it goes without saying undoubtably, infinitely more to follow.

A special thanks to all those wonderful people and blogs that I am learning from daily. You truly are a wealth of information, so big gratitude to you all. Including each and every one of the phenomenal amount of mistakes I have made. I am grateful for them all. Each one has taught me something new.

So I now officially, out loud, on line and most importantly in my head choose to rename each mistake a lesson. No longer will I let the weight of so called failure tired me out or hold me back.

All former chinks in my burdensome chain of shame and guilt around my neck gone.

Past, present and future ones too.

Let me tell you the relief of shedding that weight is incalculable. The good it has done me not to carry that shit around with me any more is immense.

Just put those bags down. We don’t need to carry any of that. It does not serve us or our higher good.

At some point in our lives we have to realise that being kind to oneself is not an addition, nor merely a suggestion for our well being. It is in fact essential for us all to thrive and not just survive, free ourselves from unhealthy beliefs. Often set in place when we are children, at a very young age. Then never questioned again. So really we are living with rules set in place by a child.

Time to look and re evaluate them all now as adults now we know so much more. Like an update… an Us 2.0

That self love, self care and self confidence (not arrogance and ego) are imperative to our wellbeing. Which follows therefore in our best interests as a species.

We must stop the negative self talk and castigation over things that are neither bad or wrong.  Not us failing or falling off our path, just the inevitable bends in the road of us on our path.

Not erring, but learning.

Not fault, not blame, nor shame.

No mistakes, only teachers.

What do you think?

Is it time for a software update\ reboot?

Something worth thinking about at least perhaps?

So once again thank you to all for your kindness, support, and info. Truly, literally and figuratively I could not do this without you.

Please do feel free to share away, lets see if we can’t create a giant community of fellow big hearts.

Feel it, Love it, Share it.

Big Love and light to all



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Big Heart

I aim to Uplift, Amuse and generally spread talent, fun and love 💜

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