Peace — Inspire Someone Today, Wonderful Wayne Dyer quote.

Just the beginning of my Wayne Dyer sharing. He is, for me, one of the greatest translators of the Tao de ching in modern day. He is compassionate, human, unpretentious, and has a way of making it crystal clear to all, which is surely the whole point.

 Dimistifying all with his bright, kind and real manner. I love all things Dyer. his meditations and books are ALL wonderful, I highly recommend any and all of his work. With a voice that makes listening to him a pleasure, always.

Peace is the result of retraining your mind to process life as it is, rather than as you think it should be. — Wayne W. Dyer

Peace — Inspire Someone Today
Thanks to Waelsworld for this. x

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3 thoughts on “Peace — Inspire Someone Today, Wonderful Wayne Dyer quote.”

    1. Thankyou, so pleased you like it. I am grateful daily for him and am working my way through all his works. And I soo love the poo Tao, it is genius to be able to fir in all those archetypes. Thanks for taking the time to comment.x


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