The Wood Brothers…just beautiful country, funky loveliness. Such a wonderful song, Absolutely LOVE IT πŸ˜

Such a beautiful song.🌻 it does make me sing…ish xxx

What you oughta do is sing !

LOVE these guys so will definitely be posting more from them. This whole album is fantastic and this is just the first one I’ve heard, So exciting !

I LOVE finding new music that makes me feel.

I would also suggest than even if some of these tunes don’t sound like your kind of thing at first or you don’t think you like a certain genre etc. Give them a chance and a little listen first as a great many of them are either not what they seem at the beginning or transcend their genre by just being great music.

Though by now I am guessing you can tell that there really is no limits to what i listen to… as long as its quality, lol ; )

Have a great weekend you gorgeous lot, big love and thanks as ever to all for all your kind words and support. it has been the most amazing month and half with 600+ follows on all three platforms joining us and that is a lot of Big Hearts already.


Feeling So Blessed, Because I couldn’t do it without you.


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Big Heart

I aim to Uplift, Amuse and generally spread talent, fun and love πŸ’œ

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