What Are You Grateful For Today?

The Wonderful Louise Hay, Monday morningĀ  gratitude.

Happy start to the Week to all.x

Weirdly I will be talkingĀ  aboutĀ  and sharing more on LouiseĀ  Hay so this is a great start.

Thanks no1Queenie šŸ™



Happiness is gratitude

I have been practicing this a lot lately.

If I notice my thoughts starting to sink into the pity party and crack out the party poppers, I say, either out loud if Iā€™m alone or in my headā€¦


What are you grateful for today?

Then I start reeling out the answers.

Try itā€¦. it will help!

This is a classic meditation by the amazing Louise Hayā€¦. I love this meditation, really helps me focus on being grateful for all the small things we take for granted.

Love to you all x

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