MONDAY MUSIC Mavis Staples and the Staples Singers πŸ’œ

I thought we could start the week of softly with the amazing

Staples singers… For what it as worth

Plus the truly incredible

Mavis Staples..

Just wow, every time I hear that voice it blows me away.

The heart and soul and passion put in to each and every breath is mesmerising.

So I thought it add another lovely little Mavis one/two more in here too to pay a little homage.

She is one of the few voices that live still to this day, give a me full body goose bumps almost instantly when she starts signing.

My perculiar inbuilt Ubertalentometer I guess. Or just odd?

The more bumps, the greater the talent it seems πŸ˜‚

Anyone else like that ?

P.s As always, I cannot thank you enough for joining me.

I am Feeeling so grateful.

Have a fabulous day, you gorgeous lot.x

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Big Heart

I aim to Uplift, Amuse and generally spread talent, fun and love πŸ’œ

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