All the Playlists to live here in one big happy easy to find family. X


The Wonderful "Wayne Dyer – Be Yourself, Do Not Give Up"

I never get tired of listening to this soul speak or listening to his calming voice.

Such beautiful reminders.

Plus one of my favourite quotes.

Namaste you beautiful people. B x

But then you start to feel like yourself again and the relief is exquisite…Aaaaaa

You remember who you are and where you’ve come from.

Just how far you’ve come.

How much you have achieved and how much you have to be grateful for, always.

You sleep.

You eat.

You remember to drink plenty of water and generally look after yourself.

You meditate as soon and as often as humanly possible.

Then you start to feel like yourself again.

The one you were before stress changed you on a molecular level, into a person you barely recognise at times

And all feels possible again.

You smile

And breathe.


Phew. X

Do ever just feel a bit Aaaaaaghh !

I know I do… So this is when I practice gratitude like a good’en repeatedly and especially on the days it’s feels the hardest to.

Then I listen to something like this to try shake me out of it.

How about you ?