No Mistakes only teachers, Our second Month done, so here is your fab 2nd months Playlist.

We made it, we are 2 months old today! Well sorta kinda but what that does mean is that our Month 2 Playlist is ready, Yay!! I found out that some of you are having trouble finding me on Spotify and all the playlists. Apologies... baby steps an’ all. So I thought I would post all of the playlists so far over the [...]

Donald eres un Pendejo … Berlin Street Art — notesfromcamelidcountry

If all art is political, some is definitely more political than others. Calling Donald Trump a ‘pendejo’ seems less political and more a description of reality, regardless of whether you choose to be charitable and read the meaning of pendejo as ‘stupid’, or you prefer probably the more accurate interpretation of ‘asshole’ (it can mean […] [...]

Self Care Practices for Good days and Bad Days — From Be Inspired..!!

Be Inspired..!! Your body sends constant signals, telling you what’s good for you and what’s not working.  It has an inner guidance system that tries to get you to pay attention to any adjustments you need to make in your life.  For example, your headache and tense shoulders may be a sign of an unresolved [...]